May 07, 2019

Long ago in a faraway place, in a time before time, rough hands dug deep into the earth, giving form to a shape that held the promise of life. As she was born from the wet clay, her voluptuous body with its oversized breasts and prominent genitalia proudly displayed her beauty and fertility. She would be revered as a goddess, a protectress of her people. Her overflowing body was a symbol of earth’s abundance. She was the face of a higher power that provided abundance for all, a goddess revered as holy. As she was worshipped, the very first musical sounds from flutes made from animal bones celebrated her arrival. Born from the earth, she carried within her the seeds of a deeper mystery that would unfold over time in the stories told next to many campfires. Amulets made from ivory bone mimicked her shape, and were proudly worn around the neck by those who sought her protection and guidance.

Venus of Hohle Fels

If we listen closely, we can still hear her voice calling from this...

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Dying to Live

Apr 17, 2019

When I finally woke up

Reality was but a dream

an illusion

And my dream was real

As the images of a burning Notre Dame flash across my screen, I am reminded that what has been known and loved for a long time, can be destroyed in a matter of hours. The same is true for those parts of us that might have been around for a lifetime, and then suddenly do not fit any longer. Like a well-worn jacket you wore for most of your life because it feels comfortable and comforting in a way, you suddenly realise in one lightning clear moment, that it is scratchy and well past its sell-by-date.

Anybody who had a chance encounter with death will tell you that their lives changed forever. Somehow it was not quite there time to move on from this life, but as they stood at the doorway between worlds, something shifted. They realised that death is intricately woven into the experience we call life, that the natural cycle of life asks us to let go when we know there is no turning back. And that in the...

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Returning Home

Jan 18, 2018


"If women remember that once upon a time

we sang with the tongues of seals

and flew with the wings of swans,

that we forged our own paths through the dark forest

while creating a community of its many inhabitants,

then we will rise up rooted, like trees.

And if we rise up rooted, like trees …

well then, women might indeed save not only ourselves

but the world."

Dr. Sharon Blackie 

I found two dead seals on the beach on one of my early morning walks. They looked so peaceful, resting on the sand never to swim in the sea again. The one bit in half, probably by a shark, and the other almost intact, apart from the tip of its nose. Their soul-full, humanlike eyes closed forever. What they have seen in the ocean would remain their secret forever.

The seals reminded me of one of my favourite stories:

There is a story told of a woman who was once a seal in a time that is long forgotten. Together with a small group of women, she danced on the rocks every time the full moon...

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The Inner Room

Sep 30, 2017

Many years ago, as I was just stepping onto the path of a greater awakening, one of my deepest desires was to close my eyes and just sit on my bedroom floor. Somehow, I knew that by doing so, I would feel better for some or other reason.

At first, when I sat down there was only darkness. A comforting, all-embracing darkness which felt so good. I surrendered to this abyss, hands relaxing on my lap, not expecting or waiting for anything, just showing up and being present.

I was lured onto the floor often and as I allowed myself to be still, a vast spaciousness starting opening up. An inner sanctuary welcomed me each time into a space beyond time. I experienced a new world inside myself that felt so much richer than the one my body occupied. This place also felt faintly familiar, welcoming me into its vast embrace like a very well lived-in home I treasured long ago.

I did not feel the need for a teacher or a breathing technique to explore this space. I just showed up often. I acted...

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A Story worth Telling

Apr 18, 2017

 “If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for yourself?”

Don Miguel Ruiz

Your story is written across the sky. The storyline contained in the mystery of the stars and the wisdom of your cells. No longer is it necessary to believe you are less than or buy into the stories of others about who you are. You might have lived those stories as your own truth. No longer is that necessary to do. You have a deep feminine heart that longs to remind you who you truly are. It speaks to you from your greatest passions, from your most secret of secret places, stirring in your belly with such a strong knowing that you will die if you do not listen to its voice. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You just bought into the lie like everybody else and you believed it for some time. Now the time has come to push those harsh voices aside. The time has come to rise. With other women who are...

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Emergence of Essence

Dec 08, 2016

Florence, Italy is one of my favourite place on earth that I can visit again and again. Many years ago I went to see Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia Gallery in Florence. As I walked towards the magnificent statue of David, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw his four famous Prisoners or Slaves. These unfinished works demonstrate Michelangelo’s technique of “non-finito” (or incompletion) as he carved the figures from the blocks of marble. I could sense the tension in the figures as they were struggling to free themselves from the marble. I felt tears welling up as I witnessed their birthing process that was halted and resulted in a seemingly eternal struggle.

Thinking back to that moment reminds me of the unfinished lives many of us live. This happens so easily when we become slaves to other people’s expectations or fulfilling roles that we have outgrown. At that moment Michelangelo reminded me of the eternal struggle of wo(men) to free their...

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And She Smiled

Nov 24, 2016

Long, long in the past, far, far in the future

At that point before the beginning, after the end,

Where the time and space do not exist,

Where all the colors and forms are lost in the blackness of void,

There was a heavy vast silence,

A profound eternal motionlessness,

And nothingness and everything was the same.

And then Everynome, Gaia, Goddess of a thousand names,

Mother of all,


And the sound of her breath echoed pleasingly her ears.

As if it were foreseeing

And yet as if it were a remembrance,

She heard summer breezes ruffling tall green grasses,

And winter hurricanes howling through deep valleys,

And the pounding of the sea,

And the calling voices of all creation. 

And so Everynome, Gaia, Goddess of a thousand names,

Mother of all,

Pursed her lips and whistled for the wind. 

Then slowly, smoothly, with perfect sensuality

She rose up from the timeless bed of her infinite rest

And caught up the wind

In her cupped hands,

In her streaming hair,

In the...

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A New Dawn Arrives

Nov 10, 2016

If everybody gave up on things that seem impossible, nothing amazing would ever be accomplished. 

Sometimes we have to leave behind the familiar, what was known and comfortable to us and others. I mean completely leave it behind, never to turn back or look over your shoulder again. Like a coat you have worn for one season too many, there might be an unnecessary load you have carried (and it will be different for each of us) for too long. It is time to stop, decide that the time has come and allow it to slip into the past.

Who knew that as the sun was rising

I have died

Moving swiftly from one state of being to the next

I did not see it coming because I was holding on to my old face so desperately

The face that was but a mask

The face that felt safe but created so much tension

Who knew we can slip into the next disguise, to discover there is no place to hide

That which was familiar has been dumped in the graveyard

Tears flow as the old one is released

All attachments, all pretty...

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Being the Bridge

Oct 27, 2016

The Great Work that is beginning is the realization of the feminine as the bridge between God and humankind

Marion Woodman Bone

I have walked across a bridge. In the process, I found my soul. My journey was treacherous. It was long. It asked a lot of me. But one day I arrived on the other side. I moved from being scared to remembering the sacredness of my own being. I finally moved away from the illusionary state the world tried to imprint on me, to my natural state, which is my true inheritance. No longer, will I be controlled or manipulated by the lie. No longer, will I believe I am less valuable because I do not fit the conditioned model.

No, I will look back and celebrate the uniqueness of my path. I will tell my story with wild abandon and that will be enough. I will make visible this journey, this trek we can only take on our own. I embrace myself. I embrace my path as it opens up yet again, to continue to unchartered waters.

On this never-ending spiral of my own evolution, I...

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Birthing You

Oct 13, 2016

Something new is ready to emerge. The air is pregnant with expectation in this sacred moment. A moment filled with intense energy, knowing what needs to emerge is almost there. The whole of creation holds its breath, providing the space for this birth to happen.

In this holy moment, a question is asked:

Are you ready to emerge as your true essence and nothing else? Are you ready to show your beautiful face to the world? A world that is hungry for your brilliance, your beauty?

In your hesitance, you turn your face away, trying to delay the answer. Maybe there is something else that needs to be added first. Maybe someone else can step in and take your place. Maybe this place is not yours after all. A familiar pull from the past feels like the safer option now. But you have heard the call and it is getting stronger. Your name is all over it. There is no hiding, no denial anymore.

At that moment just before the birth, something dies. Your old excuses die. Your outdated beliefs die....

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