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 “Life has been my best teacher. My own life experience in my various professional and personal roles has led me to believe that we each have a choice – a choice to live fully or to merely exist. Ancient traditions inspire me with their ageless wisdom, while new scientific and technological advances excite me with their endless possibilities.”

As a medical doctor, I have been dealing with disease and illness for more than thirty years. I have seen women who came to me to heal their bodies, but who actually needed a new story for their lives. My role as a physician made me a witness to the suffering caused by the disempowerment of women in the roles that have been assigned to them by society, or simply arising from their own inability to find a way out. I feel strongly that we have to move away from merely treating disease and promoting wellness to ask ourselves the next very important question:

What could wholeness look like, and how can we not only create health but also find meaning and bring about a sense of being fully alive?

The original meaning of the word health is wholeness. Creating health or wholeness asks of us to address disease or illness on all levels – mind, body, and soul. Living a meaningful life requires the ability to embrace ourselves completely, and to live from a space of embodied wisdom in every moment. Re-connecting with and returning to this wisdom is the inherent nature of the healing journey while celebrating the wonders and beauty of the design of the body. Healing of the soul is just as important as giving attention to the body. Your soul journey is deeply personal and unique, and only you can walk that path.

To “be-alive-again” or “be-fully-in-life” is the focus of my approach. For me, it translates into living consciously in every moment with more care, compassion, creativity, intuition, and passion. Personally, I have never felt more alive than when I discovered the artist in me who wanted to find expression in so many ways. 

I also feel a profound concern about the need to shift the conversation about the role of women, as well as a deep commitment to being part of the restoration of the true feminine spirit that is part of me and of every other woman. In creating wholeness and meaning, a woman becomes the author of her own life and takes her place, fully empowered to be herself and only herself.

Through my own journey of personal growth, I have learned that true healing only became possible when I stepped into my authentic and conscious self. I discovered an essence in me that needed to find totally new forms of expression. Honouring an authentic way of being required me to go beyond my previous conditioning and leave behind the conventional role of a medical doctor on so many levels. In the process, I explored many healing modalities, and I thus firmly believe that the time has come for a new approach in our healthcare system, where the focus is less on the disease, and more on the person who has the disease.

I have academic qualifications listed below, but life itself has been the best learning school for me, allowing me to integrate my knowledge of the body, medicine, art, mythology, and creativity.

Dr. Lynette Steele (MBChB, ThD) is an integrative medical doctor, combining the latest scientific findings in the field of Functional Medicine with ancient philosophies and healing arts to guide people to create lives of balance, health, meaning and optimal energy. Her qualifications include training in allopathic medicine, acupuncture, Functional Medicine, hypnotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, health, and wellness coaching, as well as Energy medicine. Her interests encompass sculpting, music and art therapy, mythology, astrology, the Nia dance technique, and writing. Her work experience includes private and public medical practice, health and executive coaching, workshop facilitation, speaking engagements, and corporate work.


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