The Story of your Soul

Your feminine essence has everything to do with your inner nature. The part of you that knows it is connected to all of life. Discovering your Venus Blueprint will direct you to the wisdom contained in the story of your soul.

Be True to your Nature

Our feminine nature is rooted in the original blueprint of creation. She has many faces and can be seen in the natural world surrounding us. She is contained in the wisdom of our bodies and part of the creative cycles of birth, life and death. 

Live from Passion

Venus is all about passion and beauty. What is it that makes you feel truly alive? What fills you with energy, hope and desire? Living from passion is living from your deepest essence and truth, your true beauty that shines through.


“The goal of Life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe,

To match your nature with Nature” – Joseph Campbell

The incredible order and beauty of the stars are reflected in your own body. You have as many cells in your body,  (50-100 trillion) as the amount of stars in a galaxy. Your body literally is a mini-universe on its own.

“Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The language of the stars provides us with a roadmap to find meaning in the journey of our souls. I call it the Round Art, as the natal birth chart is represented by a circle, a two-dimensional snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. And it is unique to each person, because you were not only born on a certain day and time, but also at a specific location, which makes each chart unique. The symbols and the placement of the planets in specific houses in the birth chart provide a rich description of the possibilities of a lifetime. It provides a map for those who are curious about their specific lifepath, and guidelines to follow if you choose to do so.

Just as there are many fields of specialisation in medicine, so there are in astrology. I use the language of Evolutionary Astrology, combined with the archetypes of the Feminine (represented by the Moon, Venus, Lilith, and the asteroids) to provide guidance for those who seek answers on their soul path. It is not a predictive model, but rather a perfect fit for those who are on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

“The birth chart provides the diagnosis, the myth and the medicine.”


Have you ever looked up at the sky at night? It is part of our humanness to want to look up with a secret longing that we do not even understand. We are fascinated with the stars when we look up.

For centuries, humankind has looked at this scene and considered its incredible structure and beauty. As a map of nature’s orderliness, this is a perfect example – looking at the night sky, we can appreciate the flow of time over billions of years that has nurtured every small step in the life of the universe, from the organization of the first hydrogen atoms through the formation of stars to the advent of DNA. No thread has been dropped in that immense time span; every piece of information and energy has evolved in such a way to make it possible for you, the observer, to look into the cosmos that is the living picture of your entire past.

The forces in the universe are immense, beyond the grasp of the mind, yet the process that gave birth to the hydrogen atoms, stars and DNA, was extremely delicate. Things could have taken very different directions, in fact an infinity of directions that would not have resulted in what you now recognize as yourself. What allows this balancing act to take place is organization and intelligence. Order cannot spring from randomness; order is innate in creation. The forces present in creation are allowed to exist together and evolve as part of nature’s tendency toward growth.

All these qualities taken together – order, balance, evolution and intelligence – describe love, which is the fabric of our universe. Love is the force that underlies creation and life, and that nurtures it. This force of love is real.

We are part of this loving force that also gives life to us – not in a random, accidental way, but as an integral part of an intelligent process that allows the coming together of the sperm and ovum at the time of co-creation to evolve into a human being. To remember that we are intimately woven into the process of birth, life and death, we sometimes have to look up at the sky, and connect with the natural wisdom of the cosmos.

I started looking at the cells in the body

Ending up seeing only the stars in the sky

The more I had to find out what was wrong

I could only see what was right

I just had to remember to look up more often

And remember the Truth of who I Am

So much more, so much more

Part of Nature and belonging to heaven above

We are part of Life

We are Life

Just look up at a starry night, and remember,

This is You

Remind yourself of the magic you are, by looking up to the stars often – every night, if you can. And if you live in a place where the stars have grown dim because of light pollution, then get out into nature. Go to a place where the stars are still glowing in their original brilliance and soak up the wonder of creation.

Simply lie on your back and look up. Allow the flow of energy from above to fill your total vision and then close your eyes. Are you still seeing the stars? Open and close your eyes a few times, until what you see outside and what you experience when you close your eyes, become the same thing. Allow this recognition, this knowing to filter into your cells. Just hold this truth of who you are within. You have always been part of this and you will always be part of this. You cannot be separated from it. You are it and it is you.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. ~ Einstein


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